Thursday, February 3, 2011

Facebook Radio Ad

A Facebook Radio Ad featuring The Queens of Status

Join Face Book, if you don’t have a Facebook how do you even have a life?

You’ve been working on that paper for a while, why don’t you look at your news feed.

Join Facebook because EVERYONE has one.

Have you checked you Facebook yet today?

Remember when you you didn’t have a Facebook? And you were friendless?

Join Facebook, because if you weren’t on Facebook you’d just be wasting your precious internet time somewhere else anyways.

Don’t even think about deleting your Facebook because you know well alllll miss you.

Join Facebook because it’s the best website in the world.

Just log onto Facebook and forget all your worries.

While some people think Facebook is a waste of time, it is clear that those are the losers that don’t have one.

Sign up for Facebook and you’ll never be lonely, guaranteed.

Don’t worry, you won’t procrastinate at everything and become addicted, just join Facebook.

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