Thursday, January 13, 2011

Who is me?

A photo of myself in NYC

My name is Katarzyna McCormick, or Kasia for short. I'm from Holliston a small suburban town in Massachusetts. I lived in this little town since I started middle school, and it was really really boring most of the time.

During the holiday I had the opportunity to spend several nights in Time Square. It was not only a stimulating place for your eyes, but the bright LCD screens that cascade over the buildings create an intense and tantalizing injection of media. Advertisements adorn ever single surface, in your face graphics, pictures, and sounds amplified the busyness of NYC. It made me think, what would it be like to see yourself on one of those screens, stories high...
I definitely don't want to know.

Flickr member's Cooldeep

What I like about 21st century media culture is the ability to stay connected. For example, my mother is an immigrant from Poland. She used the technology of phoning for years, which although effective in keeping in touch, she has added the media of email to her routine. What I dislike about 21st century media is the images it has created. I feel as if society is truly beginning to rot from hoax ads and bad egg celebrity spokesman always following up with some kind of drama. Girls skirts are getting shorter, and the average mans biceps are reaching sickening strengths, an image all created by the demise the media culture of today.
Think---Jersey Shore (ew)
Ronnie at the shore

I hope to one day be involved with television, possibly behind or in front of the scenes. Though, my professional vision is a constant changing area with many different points of interesting, especially event planning and photography.

Photos I took of my mom's garden, Holliston

I just watched this YouTube video for the first time recently and it made me laugh so I wanted to share it with you! =)

The sleep running dog

"Got not time for spreading roots, the time has come to be gone. And though our health we drank a thousand times, it's time to ramble on."
-Led Zeppelin's Ramble on

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